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Places to See in Lisbon

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The Lisbon city has a lot to offer to both local and international tourists, both in terms of its pristine historical sites, delectable cuisine as well as its wide array of community cultures.Lisbon can be a good option in your itinerary to explore. So, in case you have a few days of your holiday remaining,What things should you see while you’re in Lisbon?.

(1)The city of porto

Lisbon’s nearest city, and nearly as big as itself, Porto is a great tourist destination. The Cathedral area boasts of beautiful scenery, the markets at Bolhao and Baixa; the sushi and ceviche at the Ribeira should not be missed at any cost. Port Wine Museum, famous for its namesake, is another destination that you just cannot miss on your trip to Lisbon.

(2)The Palacio de Queluz museum

The Palacio de Queluz museum, at one of the grandest museums in Europe, is a must visit while visiting Lisbon. Sintra, which is a UNESCO heritage site, the Moorish Castle and the Pena Palace are some of the other places to visit. The village of Aenhas do Mar is famous for its delectable octopus specialty; the Roca Cape lighthouse at the westernmost point of Europe is also worth a visit.

(3)The cova de iria chapel

The chapel at Cova de Iria has a basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, which is larger than the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. In the neighbouring town of Obidos, there is a fishing village called Nazare, which serves as a great night halt, with its quaint surroundings and its tranquil atmosphere.

(4)The cascais harbour

Cascais, or the harbour town favoured by the Spanish kings of the old, is a good place to get yourself pampered with a sunbath. Estoril is famous for its delightful culinary preparations of seafood, its well maintained golfing facilities and golf courses, and most importantly, for the Casino de Estoril, which is the largest casino in Europe. Reportedly, this casino is what inspired James Bond’s Casino Royale.

(5) The Carcavelos beaches.

Carcavelos is Europe’s premier water sports destination. Water sports fanatics from all over the world converge here to take part in the different competitions and activities throughout the year. So if you are a fan of long-boarding, or if its wind surfing that catches your fancy, the beaches of Carcavelos are the best place to be at. The Forte de Sao Juliao da Barra, in Oeiras nearby, is worth a visit.

(6) The Arrabida National Park

The Arrabida National Park is ideal for a bicycle tour. From there, the seaside villages, Sesimbra and Setubal, are beautiful locations where tourists can get a view of the local fishing industry. The Setubal Castle offers a breath-taking view of the river Sado.

Last, but not the least, the wine producing a region of Alentejo is a must see for every first-time visitor to the city of Lisbon. Azeitao pastry and artisanal cheese- these are the most popular categories of local specialities among numerous others that can be found in the region. The city of Evora, which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List, has a grand market and a temple dating back to the Roman Empire. The neighbouring city of Estremoz has several prominent wineries, and is popular for its medieval get-up, especially for the pre-dominance of marble in its architecture.





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